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Whether you’re a large service provider, smaller shop, or a skilled independent HVAC service technician with the drive and desire to succeed, fyxify is your opportunity to build a better home service business.

When you join fyxify as an authorized service provider, you’ll enjoy receiving automated service calls, based on your availability, from customers in your local service area with an immediate or scheduled service or repair that are actively searching for a home services professional in real time. Onboarding is simple and you’ll be operational on the fyxify app quickly. With fyxify there is no pre-paying for leads or scrambling to answer “first come” service inquiries. It’s the very best technology driven solution ever built specifically for heating and cooling service professionals.

Join fyxify today – and start earning quickly.

Smarter technology & lower service acquisition costs, equals lower prices for your customers.

Direct in-app customer to service provider booking system

fyxify pro app revenue

Revenue share model eliminates prepaid marketing expenses

Prepaid diagnostic means no booking fees or dispatch expenses

24/7 live customer service and technical support

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In-app invoicing automates and reduces accounting expenses

fyxify diagnostic

Customer specific comprehensive diagnostic reports & reminders 

fyxify inventory

Automated inventory usage and parts replenishment system

fyxify GPS routing

GPS routing and automated customer arrival notification

fyxify tru transparency pricing

Transparent consumer pricing with customer approval before work begins

Fixed faster. Fixed better. Priced lower. Guaranteed.

Customer centric tools with 24/7 support

Transparent Pricing™

On-demand customer focused direct technician booking

In-app availability switch

Parts manager

Expert national marketing

Automated replacement customer quote tool

Parts return manager

Full location service history

In-app training modules

Intuitive video training systems

Industry expert executive team

Productivity training

Truck inventory model

National brand equipment relationships

Quarterly cash rebates

New vehicle rebates

Vehicle purchase financing

Full service HR and vendor payroll network

Insurance vendor network

In-app invoicing

National hands-on training center

And more!

Choose your service level.

fyxify pro enterprise

fyxify enterprise

fyxify’s enterprise solution offers larger home services operators the ability to source service opportunities for full or part time service technicians that have downtime between jobs or to fill available time slots on days with fewer calendar appointments. You’ll enjoy less downtime and zero lead acquisition cost. It’s the easiest way to generate predictable service revenue quickly and efficiently and multiply your brand value without disrupting your daily operational booking systems.

  fyxify pro business

fyxify business

You know your home market better than anyone. Your technician team is efficient and you’ve got a great customer base. But, you also spend a lot of time chasing down leads and trying to compete with larger operations. fyxify is the perfect fit for you. It’s the only platform that allows you to service your customer base and fill downtime with actual service calls. With fyxify, customers book directly with the service provider. There’s no pre-paid marketing expense and the revenue you generate flows directly to you.

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fyxify technician

For independent service providers, you’re usually out running jobs, or running down service leads. It’s impossible to be at two places at the same time. fyxify solves that by placing you on a level playing field, even with your largest competitors. You’ll reduce, and perhaps even eliminate your prepaid marketing and lead generation programs in favor of the fyxify platform. You can retain your local brand name and customers will select you based on your service rating and availability. Join today – and start earning quickly.

If you have questions, please call the fyxify PRO service provider group directly at 877-939-9439. Or, enter your mobile device phone number below to download the fyxify PRO app today.

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**To qualify for service, all service providers must be licensed and insured in their state and/or county of operation. Technicians are subject to national background checks. Service providers must also pass various technical competency tests and participate in technical and customer service online training programs. Not all service providers will qualify for service on the app. Training programs to qualify on the app are available either online or at our national training facility in Nashville, TN.